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A necessary part of most work, Carpentry involves skilled labor with some Engineering influence, technical savvy and finesse. Fine Carpentry and Rough Carpentry are generally distinguished by specialized tools and their applications. The experiences of skilled Carpenters can overlap into Logistics, Scheduling and Design. Carpenters will have the experience to recognize and advance the needs of production as details become available during the project. Having Carpenters influence the work often saves time and money from their valuable work histories. 

Demolition is hazardous and it can involve Carpentry to safely expedite the production of a project. Carpentry is more costly than labor. With the quality of materials diminishing in the Marketplace we use Carpenters to recognize, evaluate and correct any deficiencies as they turn up. Laborers wont be trained for these crucial occurrences and lack the experiences found in Carpenters.


A necessary part of most work, labor involves the movement of tools and materials during the course of a project. Laborers are busy cleaning up and assisting the needs of the Carpenters and Subcontractors. Laborers are capable of some painting and or staining with some guidance. Laborers also relieve any repetitive actions or bulk production tasks in other categories of skilled labor. 

The laborers need direction which is provided from the experience of the Carpenters or a Foreman. Hard working Labors often loose focus and the savings in hourly costs can disappear rapidly without the correct experience often found in a Carpenters directions.